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Almighty God Is My Lord and My God | Christian Movie Trailer “Stay Out of My Business”

Through reading the words of Almighty God and listening to testimony by preachers of The Church of Almighty God, Li Qing xin and the others gain the ability to discern the rumors and fallacies of the pastor and elder.

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Christian Video 2018 | Amazing Grace of God | “Woe or Blessing” | Can Money Buy Happiness? | The Church of Almighty God

Almighty God’s salvation of the last days came to her. From the words of Almighty God, she came to know the source of man’s life of pain, and she also understood what man should live for, and how to live before he can have a meaningful human life….

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Church Life Movie | “God’s Salvation” | Live in the Light of God|The Church of Almighty God

At her most miserable and hopeless, Almighty God’s salvation in the last days came upon her. After reading much of Almighty God’s word, she learned that mankind was created by God, that God controls man’s fate, everything in a person’s life is managed and arranged by God, all the setbacks and failures a person suffers are authorized by God, and within these are God’s good intentions…. The words of Almighty God comforted her tormented, wounded heart, and gave her new strength to live

Gospel Movie “Break Through the Snare” – Why the Chinese Communist Party Persecutes The Church of Almighty God

The Chinese Communist Party is a satanic regime that truly hates the truth and God. It knows that Almighty God is the only entity in the world that can express the truth. Almighty God is in the process of doing the salvation work of the last days. If the word of Almighty God is spread amongst the people, all those who love the truth will return to Almighty God. The devilish face of the Chinese Communist Party, its true face, which hates the truth and resists God will be exposed. Then the entire human race will forsake the Chinese Communist Party. It will no longer have a foothold in China. It will also no longer be able to corrupt and trap the world’s citizens. This is why the Chinese Communist Party hates Almighty God and frantically persecutes The Church of Almighty God.