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Life is From the Bible or From God “The Bible and God”

Liu Zhizhong is a pastor at a local house church in China. He’s been a believer for over 30 years, and has constantly maintained that “The Holy Bible is inspired by God,” “The Holy Bible represents God, believing in God is believing in the Bible, believing in the Bible is believing in God.” In his heart, the Bible is paramount.

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“Break the Shackles and Run” (3) – Go Beyond the Bible: Attend the Feast of the Kingdom of Heaven With the Lord

Many people who have faith in the Lord feel that God’s words and work are all in the Bible, that God’s salvation as described in the Bible is already full, that faith in God must be based on the Bible and that if our faith in God is based on the Bible, then we will surely be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.

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“The City Will be Overthrown” (1) – The Religious World Has Degenerated Into the City of Babylon | The church is desolate and the religious world has turned into Babylon.

The leaders of the religious world stray from the Lord’s way and follow worldly trends, they also cooperate with the ruling power’s wild defiance and condemnation of the Eastern Lightning, and they have already begun to walk the path of opposition to God.